Ordering with Little Three Taiwan Tea, Freash Milk Thai Tea, and Fruit Tea is easy and takes just a couple of minutes.


We Believe

Little Three believes the best way to celebrate today is with a special drink!

Fresh Fruit

Seasonally Fresh Fruits & Natural Ingredients  (Just the Real – No Fakes, No Concentrates).

Welcome to Little Three: A Premier Experience

Far from generic, a Little Three experience is established in the love of traditional Taiwanese recipes & the pride of techniques passed down from generations. Culminating into unique handcrafted teas & beverages that you may be familiar with but have never truly experienced. Come in and let us treat you to a taste of Taiwan, an exceptional beverage the way fruit & bubble teas should be.


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Taiwan Tea

Original Taiwan Milk Tea

Taro Fresh Milk

Milk aroma, mellow, taro flavor

Brow Sugar Fresh Milk

Decadent Milk Tea with Sweet Brown Sugar

Choco Banana Fresh Milk

It’s delicious, sweet, it’s satisfying.

Matcha Fresh Milk

The most delicious matcha menu

Yuzu Soda

Fragrant Yuzu orange flavor. Get natural.